Mu legend Dark Lord will be the guardian on the planet

MU Legend's infamous Dark Lord, equipped having a shield for excellent defense, can be a class that is nicely suited to top battles in the frontline. Instrumental in freeing humans from the Ashes, he sacrificed his humanity in exchange for excellent power.
The Dark Lord makes use of a scepter in addition to a shield for recovery and support skills, and he's instrumental in increasing the combat effectiveness of parties. Alternatively, his protection could be relinquished in favor of a two-handed bludgeon that's optimized for harm dealing. This enables the Dark Lord to use strong region attacks and crowd control to raze battlefields.

Mu legend Dark Lord will be the guardian on the planet

The Dark Lord helps celebration members and defeats foes in the thick from the action
The Dark Lord uses the scepter plus the shield to command the battlefield. He leads the battle at the frontline with overwhelming defense and has a variety of recovery and help expertise to raise the combat effectiveness of celebration members.
He can also use the two-handed bludgeon by giving up the shield, granting him highly effective area attacks and crowd-control expertise. Although he's mostly used as a tank, his damage-dealing abilities usually are not to become ignored.

The commander from the battlefield and also the guardian on the world.
The Dark Lord is the go-to point man for parties. Proficient in drawing the enemy in and withstanding attacks, he carries out his part as a tank with ease. He utilizes his scepter and shield to subdue the enemy with incredible power, so if tanks are your preferred characters, the Dark Lord would be the 1 for you.
The Dark Lord does not have numerous attacks that permit him to charge the enemy. He has higher HP that makes it possible for him to attack enemies from a distance or pull them closer without having being killed conveniently. He has the highest HP and defense among all the classes in MU Legend and is the primary tank class that will cooperate with other players. Bear in mind that this type is far more suited to party play in dungeons, as an alternative to solo play.
His mobility is not good, but he has much expertise that is valuable in parties. He can recover HP for himself and his party members, and he can defend them temporarily with defense buffs. The potential to grow to be temporarily invincible and to take away debuffs from party members makes him a worthwhile asset in battle.
Though the Dark Lord is usually a melee warrior with reasonably low mobility, he proves his worth with his aggro-boost skill that's helpful when coping with dungeon bosses, enhancing party members' stats when it counts. He also has the talent to decrease the movement speed of some enemies and may attack many monsters at when.
The Dark Lord can use a one-handed wand and a shield, using a two-handed bludgeon also at his disposal. The rod and shield are handy for tanking in dungeons, as well as the two-handed bludgeon are helpful for solo play or even though hunting.
When equipped with all the two-handed bludgeon, a specific volume of defense converts into attack power.


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